Farmer's Choice Quick Produce Box - Pick Up At Nash Co. Farmers Market Rocky Mt


This is a quick grab and go produce box including a wide variety of fresh, in season, fruits and vegetables. Skip the hassle of selection and weighing items. These are common, staple varieties that most individuals will enjoy. This if a farmer's choice box, personally selected and inspected for quality.  This box will be ready for pick up at HS Howell Farms booth (building #2) Nash county farmer's market, Peachtree Street, Rocky Mount NC

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  • Care Instructions

    Please remember fresh produce is perishable and should be kept at a moderate to cool temperature.  Some items may require refrigeration.  Please take care to enjoy your items while they are fresh from the farm.

  • Pick Up Time Information

    Reserved item will only be held on day of pick-up. No refunds allowed.

    Plesae remember these boxes are fresh and produce is perishable so enjoy them quickly


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