Interested in what we offer, here is additional information.

Retail Ready Plants

We produce premium quality retail ready finished plants.  We offer superior customer service.


We are always seeking innovative ways and products to serve our customers. 


We custom grow plants for groups or farmers who need large quantities of starter plants


Ordering is super easy. Order the simplest way for you: by fax, text order, email or give us a call.


We take care in delivering your plants to you.  Our delivery prices are based on distance. 

Fundraising Opportunities

Are you looking for an innovative, hassle free, new approach to raising funds? If so consider a plant sale.  We offer specialty plants each spring and fall exclusively to our fundraising partners.  We've helped over 50 groups raise funds for their organizations. 

We are currently taking reservations for fall and Christmas sales.


We offer marketing sales flyers and ticket vouchers to assist with details on the plants along with customized order forms.


If you are considering a fundraiser, give us a call! Reservations fill up fast so contact us for availability and additional information. 

Parties and Weddings

Are you having a party or planning a wedding? If so, consider adding a plantscape to your enhance your celebration.   


Ferns can provide an excellent backdrop for your event.


Consider adding pops of color using flowers such as mums or spring flowers can help enhance your theme.


We can work with you to select plants to complement your theme or color selection.  Contact us early and we can custom grow flowers for your event. 


We take reservations and we deliver allowing you to focus on your special day.

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