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Fundraising Opportunities

Are you looking for an innovative, hassle free, new approach to raising funds? If so consider a plant sale.  We offer specialty plants each spring and fall exclusively to our fundraising partners.  We've helped over 70 groups raise funds for their organizations. 


We offer marketing sales flyers and ticket vouchers to assist with details on the plants along with customized order forms.


If you are considering a fundraiser, give us a call! Reservations fill up fast so contact us for availability and additional information. 

Fundraiser FAQ

1. What time of year do you offer fundraisers?
Our fundraisers are generally offered three times a year: spring, around mothers day, the fall in September and in November.
2. What plant options do you offer each season?
In the spring, we offer large planters filled with flowering annuals, mixed hanging baskets, ferns.
In the fall, we offer chrysanthemums (mums) and large winter hearty annual planters.
In late fall (November), we offer fresh cut greenery wreaths with red velvet bows.
3. How do I get on the list to participate in a flower sale?
Contact the farm for more information.  Since our sales are so popular we offer a reservation system.
4. Describe the sales materials and flyer?
We prepare a customized sales flyer for each group's sale. It provides a photo the plants, sales price, and customer information. This is a great tool to coordinate sales and pick up details.
5. How does delivery or pick up work?
Final order must be submitted within set deadlines to ensure plants are reserved for your group. We will deliver plants to one predetermined location. Delivery price is based on distance from our farm. 
6. How much do we make in profit from the sale?
Your fundraiser qualifies for wholesale pricing once you reach 40 items. You set the sale price so your profit is determined by the difference between the wholesale cost and the sale price.
7. When do we pay your farm for the plants?
Invoice will be sent to the sale coordinator once the final sales counts are submitted to the farm. Payment is required at delivery.
8. How far in advance to you book reservations for a plant sale?
Many groups book several months in advance to ensure they are able to participate in our sales. Reservations fill up fast.
9. What happens if my reservation does not match my actual final sales counts?
We encourage sales coordinators to monitor sales of the group and adjust counts as the sale progresses.  If your counts are off a little you are not required to purchase the extra plants. However, please keep in touch with us because others want our plants too. We hold the count you reserved until your final totals are in or you formally notify us that you need an adjustment to your reservation.
10. Why is it so important to estimate accurate counts?
We order plants nearly a year before they are retail ready and many varieties take months to grow.  
11. I want more information. What is my next step?
Visit our contact page. 
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